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We are taking the health and safety of our dancers and faculty very seriously. We are so excited to be able to offer in-person classes, so these procedures and standards must be upheld to continue to remain open. 


For any Non-Covid related studio questions or class questions please email us and we will get right back to you. Also, if you are ever in need to talk to the director or any of your teachers, just request by email, and we will quickly set up a time for you to meet. 


First and foremost, the days of coming to dance with a slight headache or tummy ache are gone. We encourage you to talk with your children about how they are feeling each day and really discuss slight symptoms as they may be the only symptoms they show. We are all aware that sometimes there might not be any symptoms at all. 


If you, or anyone in your immediate family have recently been exposed AT ALL to someone who has Covid-19, you must not come to dance for the recommended length of time until you know you are not infected. Please follow the CDC guidelines. If your child is showing symptoms to any of our staff or has a temperature, they will be sent home.

Masks are optional at this time.


We will not be allowing any outside people in the building other than the dancers taking class, teachers, and staff. We are doing our best to keep numbers down inside the building for everyone’s safety.


We will provide hand sanitizing stations in multiple studio locations. 


The dressing room will be closed off so we can avoid unnecessary gathering, so please bring your change of shoes in your bags and do not plan on changing your outfits between classes. We provide limited shelving for dance bags, so please make sure they have a small compact bag with only what they need. 

*For our Hip Hop students, you MUST bring a clean pair of sneakers for Hip Hop in your bag. You may not wear your street shoes inside the studio and then into the dance room. We are trying to keep our floors clean and free of germs.


We will also be disinfecting the studio and bathrooms frequently.

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